About Us

Watugot is an LLP registered in India (Kerala).

We are a young and dynamic team with each individual in the company excelling in one field or the other.

Watugot was casually discussed as a potential idea between the founder and co-founder and later an extensive feasibility study was conducted with several individuals from fields ranging from finance to blockchain to formulate something that would add value to all partners involved in this project. Every single detail in this pi app is well thought of, keeping the global audience in mind, right from design to colors and usability. Our goal was to bring in a global product from India that would cater to the needs of an average person. 


Pratesh John Mathew


B.tech – Anna University (Chennai)
Experience – Director of Business
Development (e-commerce)

Cholapurath Rohith

MBA, MDIS Singapore Serial Entrepreneur

Rajesh Rajagopal

Investment Partner
Bcom, Loyola (Chennai) Serial Entrepreneur