Our goals


Watugot aims at bringing retail storefronts online at a fraction of a cost. Those were the days when a store had to set up a website and a check-out cart for their store, while the customer database they were serving was not even sufficient to breakeven the amount spent on managing the website.

Watugot in the near future would allow retail storefronts to publish their entire product line with live inventory on our app and our users would be able to make payment through the app itself. What that means is, now users wouldn’t have to wait for 3-5 working days to receive a product from a traditional e-commerce marketplace; instead, they can receive the product on the same day, as we would be providing our users with products from their nearby locations. Add to it, they can check out the discounts and offers as well. All this just a few clicks away.

Our vision is to reduce the shipping lead times to the lowest so that our customers can get hold of their valued product within a few hours. Add to it will be our promise in delivering the best in-store shopping experience with enhanced features. 


We aim to deliver our goals with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Our customer support team is highly trained to provide our customers with a truly global shopping experience with a personalized touch.


Our ultimate goal is to facilitate transactions at retail shops using Pi cryptocurrency and we are planning to establish that systematically in a step-by-step manner. We would start with signing up stores on our platform for their advertising needs, following it up with making these stores go online at a fraction of a cost and then finally requesting stores to accept Pi as an official currency for all transactions that happen at that store through our verified Pi users. This will eventually make the transactions extremely secure because of the blockchain technology involved and would also speed up the payment process compared to the traditional modes of payment.